Walk mowing greens is a daily job that is great exercise and one of the first jobs most new employees learn. If you use a lawn mower at home to cut the grass then you can master this mower as well! New staff generally master this task in the first few weeks on our team.

tee mowing

Tees generally get cut 2-3 times each week. An easy to use riding mower is used to manicure these areas. The plastic buckets collect the cut grass so it leaves a very clean appearance. This same mower is used to cut the short turf in front of the greens called "approaches".

fairway mowing

Fairways get cut 3 times per week using these large mowers. A hot cup of coffee and some earphones to listen to your favorite music or morning show on the radio makes this task an enjoyable morning routine. Staff get rotated into all jobs and new staff are being trained all the time to offer everyone an enjoyable experience.

rolling greens

Rolling greens happens daily to smooth the putting surface and decrease disease in turfgrass. Research has proven that rolling reduces the occurrence of a common turf disease called Dollar Spot which looks a lot like an unrepaired ball mark. This is a fun job to learn, and watch others learning, because you have to drive sideways!

moisture management

"Moisture management" is just a really fancy way of saying watering grass with a hose or sprinklers. This job is one of the most important jobs on the golf course! Managing the correct moisture for the grass to stay healthy and perform at its best during the stresses of summer is critical. Staff are trained to visually inspect turfgrass for lack of proper moisture as well as being trained to use tools which measure volumetric moisture content to accurately maintain healthy turf. This job may seem simple but there is a lot of science involved in it!

course setup

The "pin location" or spot the flag goes on each putting green gets changed every day along with changing the tee marker locations and filling divots. This task which we call "Course Setup" is one that requires a great eye for detail, creativity, and passion. Those who enjoy watching or playing golf generally enjoy doing this job and excel at it!