variety of jobs

Get bored always doing the same thing at work? If you work on a golf course, you get to do a wide variety of jobs making it fun and interesting!

bunker face mowing

Grass that grows on bunkers doesn't get cut by big equipment but rather has to be trimmed by hand. the use of weed whips is most common but other tools are also used to cut them. With two teams this job is usually done in one day.

irrigation repairs

27 holes of golf, clubhouse lawns, driving range...that's a lot of irrigation! On the job training can give you skills to work on your own irrigation at home which could save you $ in the future!

Problem solving

It's inevitable that problems show up from time to time. Drainage can get clogged and we're the team that solves it. Staff here are learning how to repair drainage in a bunker and get it back in play.

seasonal tasks

Depending on the time of year you are working on a golf course, the job changes. Spring time yields a lot of raking branches and performing "spring clean up" tasks after morning mowing while fall tends to be geared towards leaf cleanup and "winter prep". Stay for a full season and the job changes a lot.

Cart path edging

Cart paths that wrap around the golf course get machine edged a few times each season. This task is one that promotes teamwork to get it all cleaned up and is a detail all golfers appreciate.

bunker detail

Sand gets shifted around bunkers all the time due to maintenance and golfers combined. Sand additions periodically take place to manage consistent depths.