Staff Testimonials

Paul - 2020 team member

"I loved working at Walnut Creek last summer, everyone there had open arms for a new guy like me. It was a great working environment and I became close friends with almost all of my coworkers there. I also appreciated how well the staff worked with our schedules including mine being a full time college student. If anyone is looking for a great working environment and wonderful people I would highly recommend this job!"

Ben - Equipment Manager 2015-2020

"During my time as Equipment Manager of WCCC I was given the ability to better myself and advance in my career. Not only was I able to diversify my skill set, I built lasting relationships with great people. I will always remember my days at The Creek"

dEREK - team member 2014-2018

"I miss Walnut Creek Country Club. Creek was always a way to make friends. The work environment was always positive, it was easy enough to ask questions to be able to improve my knowledge on turf and related problems, endless learning at Walnut Creek with great satisfaction. The best part of Walnut Creek Country Club is the views, such a beautiful course. From bald eagles to sunrises. Join the staff you will love it here"

Rocío - team member 2013-present

"Hello my name is Rocío Palacios and I have been working for WCCC for 7 years, and it has been very nice to work with them, we all help each other with the work if we have any questions or need to learn new things such as using new machinery, manager assistants are always there helping. WCCC is like a second family I have met many people that I appreciate very much, I have learned many about golf course thanks to my WCCC"

Adam - TEAM MEMBER 2019-2020

"Working on the grounds crew at Walnut Creek was more than just a 'summer job'. I was able to learn valuable skills, work alongside a hardworking and knowledgeable group of people, as well as further my appreciation for the game of golf. It will always be one of the most fun jobs I've ever had. And you can't beat those 6am sunrises!"

Spencer- team member 2018-2020

"Working at Walnut Creek was a great experience, in the few years that I worked there I created many new friendships and strengthened old ones. Walnut Creek provided a great teamwork environment that was always enjoyable. I have many great stories and positive experiences from working at Walnut Creek."

heather - team member 2017-2019

"The grounds maintenance department of Walnut Creek Country Club provided a clean and safe work environment. The managers were fair and friendly. They offered overtime and flexibility. It was rewarding to contribute to the beauty of the course."

Michael- Assistant Superintendent 2015-2020

"I spent 5 years working at Walnut Creek CC as an Assistant Superintendent. It was a fantastic place to work. As an employee I always felt extremely valued. Scott helped me prepare for an advancement to Superintendent at Polo Fields Golf & Country Club. With his calm yet assertive leadership style the maintenance facility was a fun and exciting place to work every day!!"

Mike - Team member 2016-2018

"WCCC was a fantastic place to work at speaking from a former employee and the people were friendly and great to work with, if there was a project that needed to be done, the staff jumped in and got er done expeditiously, great experience and thinking I'd come back if accepted. I've been retired 10 years, 62 and still kick those wipper snappers in to realizing the job and respect"

Jeremy - Team Member 2016-2017

"Staff was friendly and accommodating. If you like working outside and with others, you will enjoy working here. The people (staff and employees) are one of the key reasons I enjoyed my time at Walnut Creek"

Carol - Team member 1980-present

"I've enjoyed a career of 40+ years at Walnut Creek Country Club and appreciate how the club has evolved over the years to keep pace with an ever-changing industry. In addition to top notch, well-maintained equipment, WCCC follows the most up-to-date practices to ensure we maintain the highest quality tees, fairways, and greens. As a bonus, the members are very friendly and family-oriented. I've also been fortunate to have made some lifelong friendships and appreciate how they can relate to the job and provide collective input on course improvements."

Al - Team Member 1970 - 2019

"Over 51 years I've seen many people come and go. Some stayed in the business and many others went on to other vocations. I've always said it takes a special person to work  in all types of weather and get up at very early hours! There is nothing like watching a beautiful sunrise and being around all of the wildlife, especially our majestic eagles!! And I've always liked the fact that while most of the time your job may be of the individual nature, everybody's effort feeds back into being a team!!"

Blake - team member 2017-2020

"What I liked about working at Walnut Creek Country Club was that it is a total team environment. The managers always look out for each employee and make sure they receive any help they need. Along with mangers, all coworkers look out for each other and are always willing to offer a helping hand especially  when working on something new or for the first time"

Corey - team meber 2017-2019

"The best part of about working as a grounds crew member at Walnut Creek Country Club is the staff's willingness to teach new jobs and skills for employees who may not have previous experience in a given area. I have learned many new jobs over my time here and I'm grateful to take those skills with me into the future"

zAK - TEAM MEMBER 2017-2023

"My experience at Walnut Creel Country Club has helped me develop skills that are needed for success. I have learned to manage my time well and be a proficient member of the team. In addition, I have made lasting friendships with my coworkers that help make days at Walnut Creek Country Club enjoyable"

Andrew - Team Member 2017-2018

"I spent 2 summers working grounds maintenance at Walnut Creek and honestly enjoyed it more than I was expecting. The crew was very nice and down to earth and honestly a lot of fun to work with and made work fun even at the toughest of times. When working at Walnut Creek it taught me a lot on how to work hard and implement it into my studies at school, internships, and other things in my life. The bosses were honestly great guys and treated us all with respect and also were very cool and had a bunch of great an fun conversations with them. They also were very understanding when couldn't make work or needed time off or whatever the reason was. My overall experience with Walnut Creek was very positive and I recommend either golfing at the amazing course if given the chance or work there in the summer"